A midwife’s 15 top tips to achieving a normal childbirth

Yearning for a normal, stress-free childbirth with no adverse issues? Of course you are!! And I can help you in this. I want you to realise your full potential where childbirth is concerned, so take a look at these 15 top tips I have compiled just for you, and discover how you can…..

  • Avoid a cascade of interventions during your labour
  • Discover my controversial tip for maximising your chances of a normal birth
  • Get the right mental attitude to ensure you are giving yourself the best possible chance to achieve your dream birth!
  • “Reduce the stress, create some fun”

Meet Shelley

My name is Shelley Wilson, and I have practised as a Midwife for 20 years, so I have seen what works and what doesn’t in the labour room. These tips are definitely your Childbirth 101!!! Learn from my vast experience - from positions in labour, handy hints on coping mechanisms, and how to get in the right headspace, you can find the most important tools you need to experience Childbirth in the way you dream of, just by clicking the button!

Download your 15 top tips for achieving a normal childbirth today!